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Yahoo! Fights on Against Starboard With a New Stock Buyback Plan

It's a funny world where investors cheer when money gets taken out of a company's coffers and spent to retire shares. But that's the world Yahoo lives in!
Holed Everything: The Perforated Pieces You Need Now

Add a see-through element to your handbags and shoes with spring's latest trend
Few Simple Concepts Make Retiring Early Not Just for the Wealthy

Getting out of the workforce early is not only doable, but can even be easy for those who follow a good wealth creation script and think creatively.
How to DIY the Best Hairstyles From Fashion Week

You have to wait until spring for the clothes, but you can get these gorge hairstyles right now
Two Ways Individual Investors Can Gain Exposure to Gold

You don't have to buy and store the physical metal.
Cause of 20-Year Axl Rose-Slash Feud Finally Uncovered?

The mystery behind why Axl Rose and Slash have been on the outs since 1996, when Slash quit Guns N' Roses, may have finally been solved. And it all comes down to ... Michael Jackson and a big-screen TV? Vulture picks up on this tidbit from former GNR manager Doug Goldstein's...
Cosby Amid Hecklers: 'We Are Here to Enjoy My Gift'

Bill Cosby is still going at it, with a performance in Baltimore last night following what is by now a typical script: About 10 minutes into the show, a protester stood and shouted, "Thirty-eight women spoke up and called you a rapist. Thirty-eight women!" reports the Baltimore Sun . Cosby fans...
From Stoned Bunnies to Cannabis-Based Pet Care: What's the Effect of Pot on Animals?

What are the real effects of cannabis on animals? The DEA is concerned. In Nevada, however, the legislature will consider a new bill for marijuana based pet care.
Indiana Bill Allows Businesses to Refuse to Serve Gay Customers

Under a bill signed into law yesterday by state Governor Mike Pence, Indiana has become the latest state to protect business owners who deny service to homosexuals.
First-Time Home Shoppers Need to Hear This Advice From Recent Buyers

If you're in the 'first time' category and haven't begun your search (or have, but haven't closed a deal), pay attention other homebuyers have good advice for you.
The 9 youngest billionaires in the world

Facebook made Zuckerberg a multibillionaire. Who else younger than 35 makes the list?
National mortgage rates for March 26, 2015

See rates from our survey of CDs, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans and credit cards.
Top U.S. Cities For The College Class of '15

Look for a city with a low unemployment rate, a high number of job opportunities, a sizable job market and good starting salaries.
Zynga's Costs Are Out Of Control

Casual-game maker Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) hit it big in 2009, launching the popular FarmVille on Facebook. For a while, the company did well, and it even turned an exceptional profit in 2010. But as casual gaming shifted away from the Web and toward smartphones and tablets, Zynga struggled.
Coming Soon: 'Willie Nelson's Reserve' Weed

Looking for a weed recommendation? Who better to go to than Willie Nelson? Soon, you'll be able to buy "Willie's Reserve" marijuana, as the 81-year-old rolls out his own brand of pot and bongs, which will be sold at Nelson-branded stores in states where marijuana is legal. Willie's Reserve "was...
Why did Howard Schultz leave Starbucks, only to return eight years later?

Find out why Howard Schultz left Starbucks in 2000, even though he was very successful, and what brought him out of retirement in 2008.
Arrest Finally Made in 1981 Death of California Boy, 6

Jeffrey David Vargo's body turned up at a Pomona construction site the day before July 4, 1981. The 6-year-old California boy had last been seen the day prior, at a fireworks stand he had bicycled to; he had been strangled. The three decades since have been ones of starts and...
20 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed

Having trouble sleeping? These insomnia-inducing habits could be to blame.
Should I get a credit card for emergencies?

A new credit card can be helpful in a pinch, if you use it properly.
Video: Mortgage rates for March 12, 2015

Rates on mortgages had mixed results this week.
How to Build the Perfect Smoothie

With our magic formula, you can whip up your own good-for-you blends
Seniors, strike it rich: Make a million after 70

If you're determined to do so, you can make a million bucks even in the twilight years.
7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes

On a juice cleanse? Try our fresh and simple juice and smoothie recipes made from whole fruits and vegetables.
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Driver Blindly Follows GPS Off Bridge, Kills Wife: Cops
A stark reminder to not let your GPS rule your common sense: In East Chicago, Indiana, a man drove off a ramp to a bridge that no longer exists, injuring himself and killing his wife, the Times of Northwest Indiana reports. Husband Iftikhar Hussain, 64, was the one at the... More >
Latest News
Daily Show Has Its New Host
Those who called for " not another straight white male " to succeed Jon Stewart at the helm of the Daily Show are getting their wish: Trevor Noah, a biracial South African comedian, will be the next host. Noah's first appearance on the show was in December, and the 31-year-old has appeared... More >
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