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Target Is Finally Turning Around as It Squeezes for Bigger Margins

Target stock has underperformed the S&P 500 for five years. But the company is turning around and the stock looks to be a buy.
7 Seriously Cute Earmuffs to Keep You Warm

These fluffy accessories up your fashion game in a big way -- and they're practical
12 Hot Luxury Cars With Impressive Fuel Economy

It still isn't easy to find a luxury vehicle that gets more than 25 miles per gallon combined, but Tesla has prodded the competition to adapt quickly.
5 Spray Deodorants to Convert You From the Stick

Brands like Dove and Degree think you should switch to a spray. Here's why
Stocks Struggle to Remain Higher as Crude Pares Gains

Stocks struggle to hold gains on Friday; crude oil falls back after trading above $50 a barrel for the first time in more than two months.
Clinton's SNL Return: Trump-Bashing Bartender

Hillary Clinton stopped by Saturday Night Live last night as promised , opposite Kate McKinnon, the latest comedian to play her on the late-night comedy sketch show. This time the former secretary of state and would-be commander in chief was slinging drinks as Val the bartender, who kept 'em coming for...
Tupac's Letter Explaining 'Thug Life Is Dead': $225K

After Tupac Shakur declared from jail in 1995 that "Thug Life ... is dead," he explained himself in an emotional letter to Nina Bhadreshwar, a staffer at his record label, Death Row Records. That five-page letter is now for sale for $225,000 from Moments In Time , the New York Post...
Deadly Selfie Sticks Banned From These Tourist Attractions

Tourists are dying in pursuit of taking that perfect picture of themselves while traveling. Here's your guide to where the sticks are prohibited.
Got Bad Credit? You'd Better Start Getting New Credit

Fixing your credit often means getting new lines of credit. That can be a tall order when your credit it under 500. So how do you get new credit?
Protect Your Inheritance -- Fight the Urge to Splurge

Too many Americans squander their inheritance, even given the best financial advice.
Senior finds new love but could lose ex's Social Security

If a senior marries new beau, she could lose ex-hubby's Social Security. Is it worth it?
Should you get a mortgage from a credit union?

There are at least 3 reasons to seek a credit union when you shop for a mortgage.
Illumina Sales Disappoint, Will Continue to Do So

Expected to report third quarter earnings later this month, Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN) issued a press release describing its "preliminary revenue for third quarter of fiscal year 2015" instead. Investors were not amused. Illumina shares fell off a cliff the following day, shedding 10.6%.
Citigroup Joins Fray to Hobble Coal Miners

Citigroup(NYSE: C) becomes the third major financial institution to assist in killing off the badly injured coal industry. Calling climate change "a global challenge of tremendous magnitude," the third-largest U.S. bank said it was going to cut off funding to coal companies that purportedly contribute to it.
Malia Obama Is Applying to Colleges

High school seniors busily applying for college have a certain First Daughter among their ranks, and the New York Times takes a long look today at where Malia Obama might end up. Little is known about her preferences or her grades, but her personal life definitely makes her an attractive...
Want to Start Up an RIA? Expect These Hurdles

RIAs looking to strike out on their own need to overcome and plan for a number of hurdles.
Cops: 3 Drifters Went on a California Killing Spree

A 23-year-old Canadian backpacker was murdered by the same three drifters who killed a hiker found clutching the leash of his dog in Marin County, Calif., police say. When authorities caught up with Morrison Lampley, 23; Sean Angold, 24; and Lila Allgood, 18, at a Catholic church soup kitchen in...
12 Germs That Cause Food Poisoning

From E. coli to Salmonella to norovirus, stomach bugs can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other forms of misery. Read on to learn where they're hiding—and how to avoid them.
Senior finds new love but could lose ex's Social Security

If a senior marries new beau, she could lose ex-hubby's Social Security. Is it worth it?
How much equity can you cash out of your home?

Homeowners considering cash-out refinances and HELOCs: Here's what you need to know.
20 Genius Products to Allergy-Proof Your Life

Bedding, air purifiers, and vacuums that will help you stay sneeze-free through allergy season.
Loan Estimate: The mortgage's interest rate

See how the interest rate calculation is presented in the new Loan Estimate.
Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat

Belly fat may be the most stubborn to lose and your daily decisions could be sabotaging your efforts.
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Photo of Baby in Syringe Heart Goes Viral
A photo that depicts the struggle, pain, and (hopefully) eventual joy of IVF treatments has gone viral on social media thanks to a nationwide fertility clinic. The picture posted Oct. 5 on the Sher Institutes Facebook page shows a baby girl lying on a white backdrop, in the middle of... More >
Latest News
Pluto Has a Blue Sky, Like Ours
New Horizons' flyby of Pluto this summer taught us a lot about the dwarf planet, including that it's 1,597 miles across and has a mountain range the size of the Rockies . But new surprises are emerging as data continues to be beamed back from 3.1 billion miles away.... More >
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