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Why Citigroup Is Focusing More on Buybacks Than Dividend Increases

Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat said the bank's stock is trading below book value, so repurchasing it is the best way for the bank to reward investors.
The New Way to Exfoliate: Fizzing Beauty Products

Fizzing face masks and cleansers give you that fresh-faced, who-needs-makeup glow
Moves To Protect Workers From Financial Loss But May Cost Some Thousands

In an effort to protect employees against discrimination based on disability, the EEOC published its proposed rule on the application of the ADA to employer wellness programs.
\"For a Good Time, Call ...\" Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a "For a Good Time, Call ..." prize package
Texas Instruments, Analog Devices Among Other Chip Companies That May Get Bought

Intel, AMD and Texas Instruments are among the chip companies Wall Street and tech analysts expect to see involved in mergers and acquisition deals in the coming months.
5 Celebrity Wines That Are Actually Kinda Good

The staff over at E! Online has offered up a pretty amusing taste test of 15 celebrity wines. Here are five that were reviewed pretty wellplus, just for fun, three that most definitely were not: Drew Barrymore's Pinot Grigio: "I would actually buy this and make her more rich....
JK Rowling Shuts Down Homophobes (Again) on Twitter

The Westboro Baptist Church protests against pretty much everyone and everything, so any shock value they may have had wore off long ago. But one person they shouldn't have set their sights on is JK Rowling, who effectively owned the anti-gay group after members started sparring with her on Twitter,...
Is Credit-Free Living Realistic? Yes, But It Takes Careful Planning to Execute

Living your life without credit means no credit score. How can you live a full life with no credit report?
3 Worst Financial Mistakes You Can Make in a Divorce

When you're going through a divorce, it's far too easy to make mistakes that may cost you for years to come.
Most Big Auto Insurers Are Just Taking Advantage of Your Low-Mileage Driving

Auto insurance companies seem to be taking low-risk drivers for granted, but consumers aren't standing for it.
Video: Is cheaper gas helping your savings?

What are people doing with the savings they got from lower gasoline prices?
Conserve gas (and money) by carpooling

Ready to save some money (and potentially retain your sanity)? Try carpooling.
The FDA Committee Vote That Could Sink Vertex

The headlines after this month's FDA advisory committee meeting reviewing Vertex Pharmaceuticals' (NASDAQ: VRTX) cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi sounded really positive: "FDA Panel Backs Vertex Cystic-Fibrosis Drug Orkambi" -- The Wall Street Journal "Vertex Cystic Fibrosis Combination Wins Backing of U.S.
What does the notional principal of a derivative contract refer to?

Find out more about the notional principal amount, interest rate swap agreements and how the notional principal amount in a derivative contract is used.
Lohan Going Off Probation for First Time in 7 Years

Tomorrow looks to be a milestone day for Lindsay Lohan: Her lawyer will be able to report to a Los Angeles judge that she has completed all her necessary community service, paving the way for her to be off probation for the first time in seven years, reports TMZ . The...
Which REITs pay the highest dividends?

Find out more about real estate investment trusts and which ones have dividend yields greater than 15% for the year 2015.
21st Birthday Swim Ends in Tragedy

It was supposed to have been a birthday feat, but it turned into tragedy instead. Authorities near Oroville, Calif., say a man celebrating his 21st birthday drowned while trying to swim across a pond in a wildlife area with a 10-pound rock, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Friends were...
10 Ways to Boost Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

These healthy habits can increase your chance of getting pregnant.
Smart Banking: What is a 'run' on the bank?

Depositors still may panic about their money, but bank runs are rare today. Here's why.
Get ahead financially by saving for different goals

You can set aside money for a car, college and retirement just by planning purposefully.
Is Your Fertility Window Closing?

Women in their 30s and early 40s have new options for gauging whether theyre still fertile: Doctors-office and at-home tests supposedly can estimate the number of viable eggs in their ovaries.
What must a home have to lure young buyers?

They scoff at phone jacks and dining rooms. How do you entice buyers under 35?
3 Ways to Cut Calories for Fast and Easy Weight Loss

Shave off extra calories and unwanted weight by following these three quick tips.
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Sex Abuse Was Rampant at Elite Private School: Report
"There was this widespread assumption that if you put your child in a private school that they were in safer space." That's the reaction of a professor who consulted on a new independent report into sexual abuse at NYC's elite Horace Mann School—an investigation that found worse abuse than... More >
Latest News
Ex-Marine Fights Discharge Over Bible Verse on Her Desk
A Bible verse posted at her workstation was supposed to help Monifa Sterling keep her cool with miffed co-workers. Instead, the ex-Marine was demoted, received a bad-conduct discharge, and is now appealing a court-martial, Military Times reports. The phrase that started the conflict: "No weapon formed against me shall prosper,... More >
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