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Exxon Mobil, Chesapeake Energy: One to Buy, One to Sell at 52-Week Lows

Not all energy companies suffer for the same reasons. Buy Exxon and avoid Chesapeake.
13 Products That Prove Black Is the New Black

Channel your inner vamp with these sinister, darker-than-dark beauty products
What to Do With Your Next Long Airport Layover - Free Layover Tours

Some airports offer free tours for people with long layovers, connecting travelers with English speaking guides and transportation to top tourist sites. Heres where the trend is emerging.
24 Must-Have Nail Polishes for Winter 2014

Dress your nails with vampy lacquers and dazzling metallics that are perfect for the holiday season
Housing Bulls, Media Blather, China Risks and Bank Action: Best of Kass

In highlights from this week's trading diary and posts, Kass discusses housing market bulls, business pundits, banking sector stocks, and a scary prediction about the Chinese economy.
Trump's Miss USA Pageant Finds New Home

NBC's loss is another channel's gain, apparently: Independent network Reelz has acquired the rights to the Miss USA pageant, which CEO Stan Hubbard hails as "an integral part of American tradition." He made no mention of the anti-Mexico comments that caused NBC, Univision , and a host of others to back...
Journey Drummer Indicted on Rape, Slew of Charges

Journey drummer Deen Castronovo was arrested in Oregon on June 14 and charged with misdemeanor assault and menacing, but he was released on $20,000 bail and told to stay away from the alleged victim, per the Statesman Journal . A few weeks later, he's back behind bars after reportedly violating...
10 Most Patriotic Beers You Can Drink This July 4th

Craft beer brewers may not know their way around a red, white and blue can like the big boys, but they know their history.
Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers Think Retirement is More Fairy Tale Than Reality

The vast majority of both Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers believe the traditional definition of retirement is a romantic fantasy of the past.
Behold the Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2015

Summer travel plans can waylay even the most thoughtfully constructed budgets. But it's possible to outsmart rising prices.
HELOC vs. reverse mortgage line of credit?

HELOCs and reverse mortgages have pros and cons. Which one is better for protecting assets?
Where will mortgage rates head next week?

Mortgage experts predict what will happen to rates over the next week -- and why.
IBM Bids Semiconductor Business a Fond Farewell

It was October of last year when IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced it had reached an agreement to divest its commercial semiconductor technology business to Globalfoundries. After passing the obligatory regulatory reviews, the deal is officially complete. It was an expensive agreement for IBM which included a $4.7 billion write-off and $1.5 billion in cash to Globalfoundries over the next three years.
5 Things Cognex's Management Wants You to Know

As Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) CEO Rob Willet noted in the company's first-quarter earnings release: "..revenue, net income, and earnings per share all set new first quarter records, as a result of our ongoing investments in new product development and sales." The machine vision specialist grew first-quarter revenues by 25% year over year to $113.4 million, translating to an 11% increase in both net income and earnings per share of $18.5 million and $0.21, respectively.
Bristol Palin: Baby No. 2 Was No Accident

How can a pregnancy be "planned" but also a "huge disappointment" to ones family and close friends? Well, that's what Bristol Palin is serving up in her latest public statement following her pregnancy announcement last week. At the time, the 24-year-old sounded a tad forlorn. "I know this has been,...
Understanding Natural Unemployment

Natural unemployment is often defined as the lowest rate of unemployment an economy will reach.
Fancy Restaurant Kept $500K in Servers' Tips

One of America's ritziest restaurants has been ordered to give around 70 servers a total $500,000 for engaging in what New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman calls some pretty lowly behavior: cheating servers out of their tips. The AG's office says Manhattan restaurant Per Se, which charges $310 for...
Washington, D.C., Ranked Fittest US City

Find out about the fittest city in the country.
Mortgage rates rise as housing gains momentum

Mortgage rates float higher after the Fed signals that a rate hike will come this year.
Sell to a 'buy your house for cash' biz?

Why would you sell your house, cheap, to a flipper when you could do better?
Best and Worst Foods for Bloating

Feeling puffed up after a meal? Keep your digestive system humming along by eating flat-belly foods and avoiding those that bloat.
Use a Coverdell account for children's education

This education savings account helps you save for schooling from kindergarten through college.
7 Ways to Keep Alcohol From Ruining Your Diet

If you have more than a few drinks a week, the calories start to add up fast. Slim your drink order with this expert advice.
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Judge's Surprise Question Makes Burglary Suspect Cry
It was a routine hearing in a Miami-Dade courtroom until Judge Mindy Glazer told burglary suspect Arthur Booth she had a question for him. "Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?" she asked, as quoted by WSVN . "Oh, my goodness," responded Booth, who grew ever more emotional as his... More >
Latest News
Teen Dies After Avoiding Toilet for 2 Months
A British teenager's toilet phobia appears to have cost her her life. The 16-year-old girl suffered a heart attack after going without a bowel movement for eight weeks, reports the Independent . Authorities say her chronic constipation resulted in distended organs and a compressed chest cavity, factors that contributed to her... More >
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