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WNS Holdings Will Continue Outperforming Due to India's Digitization Initiatives

The India-based business process management company has gained 43% in 2015, but investors can expect more upside.
19 Hair Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Updo

From ponytails to beachy waves, every look becomes instantly prettier when you add one of these gems
Neither Flo Nor The Gecko Can Make You Switch Car Insurance

The majority of U.S. drivers won't change their auto insurance for more than a decade. Considering it's never been easier to do so, they may be missing some savings.
Why Your Skin Needs a Shrink

Your skin issues aren't actually just skin deep. The good news: You can think your way to better skin
Brace Yourselves: China's Stock Market Correction Is Far From Over

China stock market's correction will likely continue for months, says the manager of the China Opportunities Fund.
Charlize Theron Made Obama a Saucy Offer

Nothing like meeting the leader of the free world to stimulate a little foot-in-mouth disease: During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, Charlize Theron recounted her awkward encounter with President Obama during her last visit to the show. Theron says as the two chatted, he said he was appreciative...
Cosby May Soon Face Grilling by Gloria Allred

A civil suit against Bill Cosby is now all systems go after California's Supreme Court rejected the comedian's request to review the case, NBC News reports. What this means in the short term: the lawyer for the woman who's suing Cosby for allegedly sexually assaulting her in the Playboy Mansion...
Why You Might Want to Look for Your Next Job Abroad?

An increasing number of Americans are starting to look abroad for economic opportunity, joining the likes of Greece and Italy on the world stage.
Retiring Happily Abroad: 21 Best Places

Three of the top five best places to retire are in Europe, thanks to the rise of the U.S. dollar.
Can Your Career Fly High In Freelance Nation?

One-third of American workers are now deemed as "freelancers", who are rewriting career rules on the fly.
California home of NFL star Terrell Owens for sale

Don't hold out for this one. Owens is selling his gigantic home and his gigantic shoe collection.
Mortgage rates go for a dip as stocks sag

Mortgage rates fell as stocks sank and Greece was no longer the word.
Raytheon Helps Lebanon TOW the Line on Defense

Big news this week out of Lebanon. According to an official notification to Congress by the U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the Lebanese Government has asked Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) to sell it a package of TOW anti-tank missiles and supporting equipment valued at $245 million in total.
How Top Advisors Innovate to Stay Ahead

Successful advisors are innovative, reaching out to a new generation of clients by embracing new technology.
Katy Perry Jumps Into Swift-Minaj Tweet Turmoil

If the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj drama wasn't enough for you, Katy Perry has now jumped into the fray. After Swift chastised Minaj about the latter's VMA nominations complaint , saying, "It's unlike you to pit women against each other," Perrywho has a long history of spats with Swift chimed in...
What percentage of a diversified portfolio should large cap stocks comprise?

Learn more about achieving optimal diversification of an investment portfolio, and specifically about the percentage of large-cap stocks to include.
'Horrific Scene' as Wife Decapitated, Dogs Mutilated

Phoenix police say a man suspected of decapitating his wife and their two dogs will be charged once he recovers from his own injuries. Officers were called to a central Phoenix apartment yesterday around 9:45am after a neighbor found the suspect, who was nude, with a missing eye and...
Before and After Weight Loss: Once \"Lumpy,\" Now Lean

Cipriana Cuevas discovered a love for running, lost her taste for fast food and pulled off a 60-pound slim-down.
Mortgages bounce higher after Greek debt deal

Mortgage rates moved slightly higher on signs of a debt relief deal for Greece.
Up, down, funk it up: Mortgage rates dance

A possible breakthrough in Greek debt talks mars a downward trend in mortgage rates.
A Running Vacation Rebooted My Spirit

When she hit a wall in life, one woman challenged herself and got both body and mind payoffs.
Why isn't the bank crediting my deposit?

If you've made a deposit in your bank's ATM, you might have to wait to get the cash.
15 Eating Habits That Make You Live Longer

Eat to 100: Discover the secrets to living long (and well) from the world's healthiest people.
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American Dentist Paid $55K to Lure, Kill Lion: Report
The search for the hunter who killed Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion, may be over. The Telegraph says two sources IDed the man as Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, and the Independent says the chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force has confirmed that. Palmer, who's believed to have paid... More >
Latest News
Treasure-Hunting Family Strikes Gold Off Fla. Coast
Spending your summers hunting for sunken treasure can be "monotonous" and "demoralizing," Eric Schmitt tells the Orlando Sentinel —but the monotony is sometimes broken by a dazzling find like the one unveiled this week. Schmitt found more than $1 million in treasure from the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet that sank... More >
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