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Mon Nov 20 09:43:34 EST 2017

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Maite Perroni, the star of Mexican soap opera Papá a Toda Madre (Televisa), defended a controversial kiss between two male characters on the show. The network’s decision to include a gay scene in the prime time telenovela generated mixed reactions. On social media, some applauded the network’s groundbreaking storyline, while others argued that it was inappropriate and offensive.  The ultraconservative organization CitizenGO launched a petition that garnered 25,000 signatures demanding the show be removed from the line up for “normalizing homosexuality.”

On Nov. 14, Maite Perroni defended the gay scene played by actors Andrés Uno and Raúl Coronado and appealed to the public for greater tolerance via Instagram: “Papá a Toda Madre doesn’t stop telling real stories with respect, with love and quality. I am very proud to be part of this path and of this story that reflects what we live today in our society and our own families,” she wrote.

The gay characters — one’s a vet, the other’s a detective — are in love and live together and dream of becoming parents one day. In the controversial scene, which airs this week, the same-sex duo share a loving kiss in front of shocked neighbors. Perroni commended the producers for pushing the envelope.

“I’m very glad that we are speaking out for respect and I support the diversity of families that form based on love and compromise no matter what their sexual preferences are, leaving behind prejudices,” she wrote on social media. “Let’s allow every individual on this planet to live and be authentic. Whatever is based on love cannot be bad.”


Mon Nov 20 09:17:44 EST 2017

Ben Affleck hasn’t been afraid to ask for help in keeping his life and sobriety on track.

The Justice League star, who has been open about his struggle with alcohol abuse, leaned on others, including his ex Jennifer Garner, after suffering a relapse in September, sources tell PEOPLE in the magazine’s new issue.

“He asked for help,” a family source says, adding, “He wants to be sober.”

Garner and Affleck’s brother Casey helped Affleck, 45, go back into inpatient treatment for a few days. Since then, he’s been going to outpatient treatment in L.A., and has traveled with a sober coach as he promotes his latest outing as Batman. “This is a lifelong battle, not one that he takes lightly,” adds an Affleck friend, who says he’s been in “continual” treatment since a rehab stay in March. “His focus is on his family and getting better so that he can continue with what he loves.”

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While he has “had a rough year” personally and professionally, the family source says “at the moment, he is doing great. He seems more honest with himself.”

Garner, 45, has been supportive of Affleck despite their pending divorce. “For Jen, it’s simple. She wants Ben to be the best dad possible to their kids,” Violet, 12, Seraphina, 8 and Samuel, 5, says the family source. “She wants Ben to be healthy.” 

While support from his loved ones helps, an industry source close to the actor says, “He is always going to have to face those demons. How he goes forward is strictly up to him.”

Affleck, who’s been dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus, 37, since going public with their relationship in July, has said he plans to spend Thanksgiving with Garner and their kids.

He has also spent time in talk-show appearances addressing Hollywood’s sexual-harassment scandal. Last month, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton claimed Affleck groped her when she was a host of MTV’s TRL.

“I don’t remember it but I absolutely apologize for it,” Affleck said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Nov. 16. “I certainly don’t think she’s lying or making it up. It’s just the kind of thing we have to — as men, I think, as we become more aware of this — be really, really mindful of our behavior and hold ourselves accountable. And say, ‘If I was ever part of the problem, I want to change and be part of the solution.’ ”


Mon Nov 20 09:05:57 EST 2017


After a two year hiatus from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Karlie Kloss made her grand return to the runway in Shanghai. And the supermodel feels right at home with the Angel squad.

“This is the greatest show on Earth. It’s really special to be back here with all my girls and in the famous pink robe and just getting ready for the show here in Shanghai,” she told PEOPLE backstage at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. “It’s a very, very special runway and it’s a very special year have this big show in China.”

Kloss last walked the runway in 2014 (alongside Taylor Swift!), and shortly thereafter ended her contract with the brand because of other commitments. But Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show head Ed Razek told PEOPLE at the time that “she will always be an Angel to me.” And he wasn’t kidding, inviting the model to return whenever she wanted to.

“It just felt like the right time. It’s like riding a bike, getting back out there and wearing the wings,” she shared. “I was in rehearsals and had my wings on and I kind of had a ‘pinch me’ moment. I never thought I’d be back out here and it was really special. Being on the Victoria’s Secret Runway makes me feel invincible.”

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Earlier the month, Kloss ran the New York City marathon, and said it was the best physical training she could have ton to get VS runway ready.

“I just ran the marathon and that was one of the greatest physical and mental challenges that I ever willingly signed up for, and I’m kind of addicted to it now,” she shared. “I want to do it next year and maybe run another one in between. I’ve always dreamed of doing it and it was tough, but it was a great way to train for this runway.”

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Kloss also maintains that a healthy diet, even after the show, has been key to her lifestyle.

“I think all of us treat ourselves like athletes and we’re constantly traveling and on the road and all of us to train and have energy to do our job and to workout and feel strong you have to eat properly and really fuel your body and your mind,” she said, before adding, “I’m looking forward to a delicious meal after the show — I heard rumors there is going to be pizza at the so I look forward to that!”

Were you excited to see her return?